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13808The Void

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  • gnosticbill
    Mar 22, 2010


                                                       " THE VOID

      * * * * * * * * * * *


                                         The Dimension Between Death and Resurrection




      Betwixt the final Arkon,

      in the dome of melting light

      and the resurrection to from whence we came,

      there comes the greatest fright

      the soul knows in its journey

      of exodus into form,


      which separates the dawn

      from all the things that move in time,

      all things that come to be

      ripples in the vortex, of temporality. 


      Thus, between Annihilation

      and returning to that womb

      there comes a point of `nothing';

      the one and only tomb.


      What can one say of `nothing' ?

      There is nothing one can say !

      of the point of no duration,

      through which we go that day.


      But if you know it in advance,

      as you who read these lines,

      then you will not know death, but how,

      the Essence and Form, entwines.


      And you will not know fear that day

      for you will still recall

      that you are passing through the void,

      and soon will know, the all.


      part two 


      The mind cannot but wonder

      as to what is taking place

      while consciousness is dormant

      before entry to that place. 


      The gap of no duration

      could be ten million years,

      or a fraction of a moment,

      till Paradise appears. 


      But as it takes no time at all

      insofar as we can know,

      then all that really matters

      is knowing where we go. 


      But in that final moment

      of melting in the white

      annihilation of the self,

      indeed life's greatest fright.

      Yet knowing it from hindsight

      no more could it bring fear;

      and I never really did know who

      wept that final tear

      in the trimorphic reunion

      amid the dome of white

      which lies before the mystic void

      before Eternal light. "


      *       *       *