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  • brownbagprd@netscape.net
    Feb 10, 2010
      An article on a CNN website stated that the reason he abandoned organized religion was that he had a bad experience with one of his child hood mentors ( a bishop of some sort). This did, however, occur after he had some education in religion.

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      hmm? im not sure anyone mentioned judging anyone..how did you articulate that ? but another question to me is he atheiest or agnostic and whats the fine granularity of the two ? One says he believes not in a God..I never really heard him say tht . the other says he believes not in religion..again i havent heard him say that either but it seems the case.

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      Ehrman is athiest. He lost his religion after spending decades studying its origins and traditions. Many scholars do. Unless anyone else here has spent decades studying the real stuff up close and personal, I would not judge the validity of his choice. He's learned and forgotten more on the subject of Christianity than anyone on this list can ever hope to (barring the presence of any other Ph.D's we haven't seen yet, of course).

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