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  • esapress@ymail.com
    Oct 31 6:26 AM

      I'm really enjoying this conversation; and while I've never really thought about why a/o how it was that we (Masons and myself, for example) could have so many level headed conversations, the Masons I have met besides being honorable (and honor-bound) men, always have had great (and surprising) interests and apt (breath and scope) in many scholarly subjects.

      I think I, yes, do understand what you're saying, in essence about interior views of the Masons; quite note worthy and interesting.


      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Hammer" <greghemmings@...> wrote:
      > Terrie,
      > I am sure, from the brief communications we have had, that I can understand why they would want you to take part in the conversation and discussion of these areas of interest. You are obviously well schooled and very smart, and able to have meaningful insight on various topics of interest. I am sure many Masons, myself included, enjoy stimulating, thought provoking conversation with anyone, regardless of who or what they are.
      > The only reason I mentioned the "atheist" issue is because the basic tenet of becoming a Mason is belief in a supreme being. This is a basic rule that can not be waived. We love diversity (some more than others, of course)but without that basic belief, what do you have to build on? The concept of belief in a supreme being has been a basic rule of Masonry for thousands of years. I find it to be very open minded.
      > Greg
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