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13757Re: [Gnosticism2] Gnosticism, Masonry,

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  • Jim osburn
    Oct 28, 2009
      I agree with you Terrie on these points,
      It is a social organization and sort of fills that role for me. In this neck of the woods most social and religious groups are male dominate.
      I all so don't like how the male part of the order try to run the subordinate orders, because my personal view is that at best men are equal to women, perhaps even not that, does any one hear "Goddess worship" :) I lean that way a lot.
      I do not consider masonry as a religion, certainly not mine, and I don't think most masons do either.
      Please understand I am not trying to defend masonry, just making personal observations with my experiences, also as I mentioned I am only 3rd degree so there is much in the higher degrees I know nothing about. I have read a lot about the history or mythology of masonry's origins and am very interested in the esoteric side. As is well known the "public image" is really down played or white washed and I suspect there is a lot more to it, I just haven't decided yet to invest  the time and money to pursue the higher degrees.
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