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  • esapress@ymail.com
    Oct 28, 2009
      What I like about Masonry first, as an organization, is their social outreach; typically, they volunteer their time and donate (so on) to organizations like shelters, soup kitchens and hospitals. They do a lot of good things in our cities and towns.

      As a formal social organization, honestly, I don't like how the male orders want to orchestrate the women' orders: Oh, could you do a bakesale for suchandsuch, and then come over here and serve us biscuts and coffee after our meeting; whereas or otherwise, on a intellectual and social basis, individually, the men and women are very much on their own and equal footing, freely and formally socializing.

      As a religious system I'd say there's a twist because while Gnosticism is a religious/spiritual category-system and public study-of; Masonry is a society/org which is private a/b includes religious/spiritual study, organized ceremony, new/old business, social calendars, and coffee as I mentioned.

      As far as scripture goes a/o what Masons do/don't think, study, believe; I'd think a Mason might be the first to point out how many different people, individuals, are driving down the same road. That's the thing about Masonry, the org is formalized/concrete however the people themselves are fairly unencumbered outside-of or by the Lodges.

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