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13697Re: Perfect -- "absolutely" speaking

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  • lady_caritas
    Jun 7, 2009
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Will Brown" <wilbro99@...> wrote:
      > Yep, been over six years, it has, since I wandered off into the sunset.
      > So, the sun has again arisen and I wander back into the realm of Cari
      > and her fellow Gnosticeers. Is the following site a good place for me to
      > begin again?
      > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnosticism

      The Wikipedia summary has gone through revisions and isn't a bad place to start. In general, the Wikipedia pages continue to be updated, and you can click on "discussion" at the top of pages to view types of issues encountered.

      Also, Willy, you can browse through our "Links" and "Files" sections on our Gnosticism2 homepage. There are many books and articles, of course that address historical Gnosticism. I would recommend actually reading original source literature. You can find some translations online, too. ~


      We can offer more specific recommendations as required, Willy.

      We look forward to comments and questions of yours.

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