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13687Re: Perfect -- "absolutely" speaking

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  • Gerry
    Jun 2, 2009


      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Ben" <brbenjaminassisi@...> wrote:


      > ok, my apologies
      > well I've seen DL elsewhere....
      > clearly he really has no idea about Gnosticism
      > but does that mean we shouldn't have patience?
      > As Mani said "A drop of water cannot hurt an elephant"
      > DL is clearly new to this, on his own admittance he used to be a literalist christian.....
      > We all have to start somewhere....



      Hey, Ben.  

      I hope I can count on a progress report from you after you invite DL over to your own Yahoo group for some focused discussion.  Please let us know how that patience works out for you.  

      Truth is, for anyone who cares, this person's first post here (one month ago) can be found spammed at numerous other sites across the Net.  I know I turned up at least 9 pages of Google results when I looked.  Considering he got anywhere from a one-day membership to two weeks at some of these groups, I personally think that his month-long run here was exceedingly generous.  Unfortunately, he was clearly NOT interested in engaging the subject matter that concerns our group.    

      For a long time now, the moderators of this forum have sought to make it a haven for anyone interested in talking about their experiences or interests in Gnosticism as the word was coined—in its historical context.  There are countless sites available out there that entertain plenty of other usages of that term.  Here, we do not.  While our goal has been to foster constructive dialogue on the subject, effective communication has sometimes been a stumbling block as we seek to bridge that chasm of confusion and misinformation.  Those efforts are only further hampered by certain dishonest and disreputable individuals who occasionally come here with no desire or capacity to respect our endeavors.    

      Just keep in mind that even though we walk over the troll, it's really the bridge that we're walking on.    



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