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13602Re: Is God and HIs works perfect?

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  • lady_caritas
    May 15, 2009
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, mary wanstall <marywa900@...> wrote:
      > I rather thought that  gnosis does not rely on any person or prospective god being worshipped. It is self knowledge, i have spent my life trying to understand why people believe what they do, I am still searching but that is how it should be isn`t it?
      >  maryw

      Mary, it's interesting you say you are still searching. I agree that it's a process.

      I must be in a quoting mood tonight. In "Zostrianos" we read about different kinds of persons. Near the end of the list ~

      "And the (kind of) person that gets saved is the one who seeks to understand, and so to discover, the self and the intellect. Oh how much power that person has!"

      Feeling powerful, Mary? :-)

      And then finally the "person that has been saved"..... "has withdrawn into god."

      After listening to this, Zostrianos lifts up praise unto

      "the living and unengendered [god] who resides in truth;
      the unengendered [concealed] (aeon);
      the perfect, masculine, invisible, first-manifest intellect;
      the invisible thrice-male child; and
      [the divine self-originate (aeon)]."

      At least this is one scenario from ancient times.

      Any thoughts?

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