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  • Frater Maui
    May 2, 2009
      Thank you very much, a humble helper indeed..
      This looks like its going to be a fine forum to me.
      Blessings to your work, in LVX Samuel

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      Subject: [Gnosticism2] Re: Gnostic Miracles
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      Date: Sunday, May 3, 2009, 4:04 AM

      Hey Samuel

      >>>Could you please share more about this?

      What are the speculations and perhaps some references to it in Gnostic text??<<<

      The Bridal Chamber is a Valentinian Rite, and it can be found mentioned in passing in a number of Valentinian texts of the Nag Hammadi library. Part of the imagery seems to be about the rejoining of the Sophia and the Logos, and the integration of the two into the individual. Some sources suggest that there was a sort of spiritual marriage invloved between two people as well, and that this was meant to be an ascetic partnership (with the heresiologists stating that the ideal was often not lived up to). Most historians that I have read agree that perhaps there was a sort of "wedding" that was celibate, but there are a few (like April DeConick) who suggest a sort of erotic initiation/sacred sex was practiced.


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