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  • Frater Maui
    May 2, 2009
      Bridal Chamber
      Could you please share more about this?
      What are the speculations and perhaps some references to it in Gnostic text??
      Thanks for the lead, in LVX Samuel

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      Subject: [Gnosticism2] Re: Gnostic Miracles
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      Hey Samuel.

      Im not aware of any list, and Gnostic texts don't seem to focus so much on the kinds of material "miracles" that one finds in the Gospels. As for the more ritual magical events like the ones you talk about, the Gnostic texts tend to deal with ritual in vague ways. They tell us just enough to know there the ritual existed, but usually not enough to know what happened in the ritual. To this day scholars disagree concerning what happens in the Bridal Chamber, for instance.


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      > Hello Everyone
      > My name is Samuel Robinson aka Frater Maui
      > My scholastic knowledge of Gnosticism is quite poor so I thought perhaps this list was the perfect place to ask..
      > Could anyone please tell me if there exist a definative list of all the miracles or magical happenings attributed to the Gnostic scriptures?
      > I recently read 'Hermetic Magic' which compared for example one of the Egyptian Magical Papyri discussing a particular ritual, in it for example a hawk descends to 'initiate' the theurgist. It was supposed to drop a stone to be later used as a talisman. This was compared with the descending dove of Christ at the baptism. Another example of what I am looking for was another Gnostic miracle (the name escapes me now, I think it was about Simon) who saw fire descend into the waters during his baptism.. Does anyone know of such a list?
      > Im referencing this in relation to the Generation of Wonders (initiatory confirmations) used by older Rosicrucian currents, such as how Elu Cohens utilised the 'passes' or miraculous occurances as signs of spiritual progression through the Kabbalistic grades..
      > But like I said, Im a poor scholar when it comes to references.
      > Hope someone can help me out. Sincerely, in LVX Samuel

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