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  • pmcvflag
    Apr 15, 2009
      Hey gvasquezneo, welcome to the group. You state;

      >>Maybe this world is a game with rules¬órules of duality, diversity, and
      adversity. But outside none of these apply. If this is true, the demiurge being evil or God being good is inapplicable since these labels are dual in nature. It's like a piece on a monopoly board (the game) thinking it can understand our motives by studying the cards or the board, or by buying all the hotels, or utilities. It can't get anywhere until it looks up and sees an utterly foreign world outside its scope of understanding.<<

      It may be worth exploring the possibility that the Gnostics were intentionally using a literary device. What I mean is, do you think it is possible that they were well aware that the language and mythological structure they created was not completely literally accurate? I think the quote that Cari posted for you could certainly be read as a sort of warning to keep this in mind.

      Also, to add to this speculation is the fact that some Gnostic texts speak of the high "Father" in apophatic terms. That is to say they describe it as not good or evil, dark or light, big or small and not part of our existance in the Kenoma. If we then see the same father talked about as "good" it could simply be that there is an attempt to explain something as best as language will allow.

      Just a thought.
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