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13513The Sethian Gnostics, the first Christians, this Week on Aeon Byte!!!

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  • miguelconner
    Mar 20, 2009
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      Once upon a time, generations before the birth of Christ, a group of Jews broke away from the Orthodox Hebrew establishment and began to practice mystic rituals that evolved into the first stages of Gnosticism. Through astral flights & divine revelation, they discovered the structure of the Pleroma or Fullness of the Divine, Aeons and Archons, the story of Sophia and the Demiurge, what really happened in the Garden of Eden, and the concept of a Cosmic Savior who imparts gnosis. Their ideas would later develop into Christianity. This is their story. We study the Sons of Seth through their Scripture, the words of the Church Fathers, and scholarly findings. And their relationship to the also mysterious Ophites, Valentinians and other Gnostic sects.

      Astral Guest-- John Turner, author of 'Sethian Gnosticism & the Platonic Tradition' and one of the original translators of the Nag Hammadi Library'.

      Topics discussed:

      --The origins, theology, cosmology and rituals of the Sethians, including the mysterious `Five Seal Baptism'.
      --Analyzing the various Nag Hammadi Library Sethian literature including `The Secret Book of John', `The Apocalypse of Adam', `The Three Steles of Seth' and more, as well as questionable Sethian works like `Thunder, The Perfect Mind' and `The Hypostasis of the Archon'. .
      --Who exactly is Barbelo, the mysterious female principle of The Divine, and what does that odd name really mean?
      --How a fusion of Sethian and Ophite Gnosticism is possibly the bedrock for all Gnostic ideology and schools, as well as much as Christian (including the origins of the concept of the Trinity).
      --We revisit The Gospel of Judas, exposing that not only it's a Sethian scripture but also that its message on Judas has been misunderstood by the initial scholarship.
      --How the Sethians kept the neo-Pythagorean and neo-Platonic torches alive through much of the early AD centuries.
      --Another joyride into the perverse mind of our friend, Bishop Irenaeus, and his views on who were the Gnostics.
      --What exactly became of the Sethians once they broke away from both Orthodox and Gnostic Christianity (you'll be surprised)?

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