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13511The Gnostic Gospel of John this Weekend on Aeon Byte!!!

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  • miguelconner
    Feb 27, 2009
      Although found in the Canonical Bible and a favorite to quote by
      fundamentalists, the truth is that the Gospel of John is galaxies
      apart from the Orthodox worldview. Its origins germinate from an
      esoteric community heavily influenced by Jewish Mysticism, Hermeticism
      and Mystery School ideas. Its message is heavily Gnostic; and it was
      the Gnostics who first revered and brought it to the attention of
      Christianity (who later usurped and corrupted it). We unlock The
      Gospel of John's origins, kernel themes, arcane meaning and many of
      its secrets that have nothing to do with faith but the direct
      communion with the Divine. Lastly, we understand the symbiotic
      relationship and connection between the Gospel of John and the Gospel
      of Thomas.

      Astral Guest-- April De Conick, author of 'Voices of the Mystics',
      'The Thirteenth Apostle' & 'Recovering the Gospel of Thomas'.

      Topics Include:

      --Understanding the Johannite Community that produced the Gospel of
      John—its location, theological origins, practices and what other
      Christian, Jewish and Gnostic groups they just plain didn't like.
      --How the unique mysticism of the Gospel of John differs from other
      esoteric Jews and Christians of the day, including the mysterious
      concept of `Faith Mysticism'.
      --Understanding the influence of that Pagan Mystery Schools,
      proto-Kabbalah and proto-Gnosticism on the Gospel of John.
      --Revealing that, when reading between the lines, the Gospel of John
      is the precursor of a tectonic, tense splitting of two groups that
      would be later known respectively as Catholics and Valentinians.
      --Uncovering the Gnostic Spirit in the Gospel of John, including the
      presence of the Demiurge, the fall of the soul into matter, Sophia,
      Gnosis, Pauline mysticism and other concepts.
      --The relationship and rivalry of the Johannite Community and the
      Thomasite Community, and how each of their gospels influenced the
      other symbiotically.
      --Various theories on the real identity of the Beloved Disciple, the
      Paraclete and other characters of the Gospel of Juan.

      And much more!!!