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13497The Mystery of Love this Weekend on Aeon Byte!!!

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  • miguelconner
    Dec 27 12:15 PM
      We have all experienced it, we all thrive for it in some aspect, and
      we all are heavily challenged by it almost every day by various
      mediums. But the reality is that Love, in all its masks, is perhaps
      just as hard to understand as Salvation, Enlightenment or Gnosis. We
      all fall short often when attempting to unleash its fulfilling
      benefits. We face Love head on, from the long corridors of history,
      psychology, legend and religion. We view this great enigma through
      the lenses of Mystics, Philosophers, Theologians, Religious Founders,
      Artists and, of course, even The Gnostics.

      Astral Guest-- Richard Smoley, author of 'Conscious Love', 'Inner
      Christianity: A Guide to the Esoteric Tradition', 'Hidden Wisdom: A
      Guide to the Western Inner Traditions'.

      Topics Discussed:

      --Defining love through some of the greatest thinkers of history,
      including some you wouldn't expect like Dante, Kierkegaard and Richard
      --Why the notion of unconditional love is but a fable.
      --The reasons Christianity, more than any other religion, decided to
      place love as one of its centerpieces. And how it has failed and
      succeeded in doing this.
      --The various Gnostic attitudes on love, relationships and mawwiage.
      --Separating the various forms of Classic Love and how we often
      confuse them.
      --The very real concept of Christian Karma and how love (not
      compassion) can break it.
      --Revisiting the origins of Romantic Love and how it commands Western
      Civilization even today.

      And much more!!!