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13486Re: [Gnosticism2] Book Inquiry

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  • mowthpeece@gmail.com
    Aug 29, 2008
      i live in l.a. If the cc to the priest of the church doesnt help let
      me know. I can go by there in person.


      On 8/28/08, alecto167 <svechachara@...> wrote:
      > Greetings, Dear List,
      > I have been trying to locate a book for a few months now to no avail.
      > I am hoping someone on this list might have an electronic copy of it
      > and would be willing to share or a hardcopy of the book that they are
      > willing to pdf and share. It's a small book, only 45 pages but it has
      > become extremely rare and unavailable.
      > I've tried WorldCat but only one copy was located in a special
      > (non-loan) collection in California.
      > The author is a Gnostic Bishop in a church in California.
      > I've tried to contact the church with no luck.
      > The book information is as follows:
      > Title: The Mystery and Magic of the Eucharist.
      > Author: Stephan A Hoeller
      > Publisher: Gnostic Press, Hollywood, California
      > Pub Date: 1973
      > 45 pages
      > OCLC:48949301
      > ASIN: B00073A3PC
      > Many thanks in advance.
      > Alecto,
      > New York City


      "A fool can not understand wisdom even if he associates with a sage." - Buddha
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