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13474Sowing the spiritual seed

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  • Mark
    May 4, 2008
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      Using our links, I found the following at
      http://www.gnosis.org/library/valentinus/Demiurge.htm under "The
      Creation of Human Beings."

      "The Demiurge and his angels created human beings in the image of the
      pre-existing Humanity (Against Heresies 1:5:2, Excerpts of Theodotus
      51:1). From "dust" (Genesis 2:7), that is, non-corporeal deficiency
      and suffering, they created the carnal or irrational soul. Into this
      the Demiurge breathed an animating rational soul deriving from
      pleading and conversion (i.e. from his own substance). This is
      the "breath of life" (Genesis 2:7). Lastly, Sophia (Wisdom) used the
      Demiurge to secretly sowed [sic] her spiritual seed into the human
      being (Against Heresies 1:5:6, Excerpts of Theodotus 53:2,
      Valentinian Exposition 37, Tripartite Tractate 105:29-35). The sowing
      of the spiritual seed into Adam caused him to utter things "superior
      to what his modeling justified" (Valentinus Fragment 1, cf. Gospel of
      Philip 70:26-29, Naasene Preaching 8:14)."

      Up until Sophia's use of the Demiurge to sow secretly the spiritual
      seed, there were textual correspondences:
      "dust" = carnal or irrational soul (2:7a)
      "breath of life" = rational soul (2:7b)

      Question 1) What is the textual correspondence to which the
      Valentinians attach their interpretation of this secret sowing of the
      spirit? What is in the Hebrew text to suggest this?

      Question 2) Are there two souls--the carnal and the rational, or does
      this account for the soul's free will to choose good and evil?

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