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  • pmcvflag
    May 3, 2008
      Hey Kari, welcome to the forum.

      >>>I joined this discussion forum in the hope of learning more, but am
      not sure whether I need to take smaller steps, since after browsing
      over some of the postings I find myself a little lost with the
      conversation. Can anyone give me advice on how to further my knowledge
      and understanding of gnosis. I would really appreciate some

      Let me just ditto what Cari says.... don't feel overwhelmed. I know
      conversation here can start to look very academic, but I think you
      will find that if you simply ask a question the people here are VERY
      willing to help explain what they mean to say in plain terms. If you
      are willing to engage in conversation (rather than lurk) I think you
      will be happy to find how quickly you learn these terms, and how they
      relate directly to your study of the Naassenes (a group I am also
      interested in).

      >>>I'm new to this forum. I have found myself drawn to gnosticism for
      some time now, and have really just started to scratch the surface.
      However, from what I can gather, some gnostic resources can be very
      confusing and difficult to understand, especially as I now understand
      that there are many different gnostic belief systems. I am currently
      reading a book about the Naassene's and find their beliefs' compelling
      and intriguing.<<<

      It may help you to know that while there are many historical Gnostic
      groups, they actually generally fall into a few basic patterns that in
      turn fit into the category of "Gnosticism". That is to say, while we
      talk about each individual group we can also lump various groups
      together into a sort of family tree (taxonomy). In this family tree,
      the Naassenes are maybe more connected to a larger category known
      as "Sethians".

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