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  • kari.mudie
    May 3, 2008
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      Thanks for the tips, I'm sure they'll prove useful in helping me
      The book I'm reading is the "Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes" written
      by Mark Gaffney.
      To be completely honest, I'm not really sure what intrigues me yet,
      but something keeps me reading. I've read a lot about different types
      of religions lately and certain things disturb me. I find that a lot
      of dominant religions today have a lot of rules and if you follow the
      rules, you'll go to heaven, but if you disobey the rules you won't. I
      mean is this all we really have to learn, how to obey rules? We are
      equipped with minds that can reason and I just think there's got to be
      more to it than simply following rules?
      I learned that many religions have very similar beliefs e.g. creation,
      Jesus etc. but they interpret them differently. I'm stunned because I
      would have thought that they had to be so different considering all
      the trouble going on the world in the name of religion - I just do not
      understand how anyone can go to war in the name of any religion - to
      me that's just nuts!!
      I was also surprised to learn how some dominant religions have
      'interpreted' (I use this term loosely) events to suit their religion
      and teachings, this really disturbs me considering how so many people
      don't question the teachings.
      I don't think faith should be to blindly follow things without
      question, I think that we are equipped with minds to learn so that we
      can try to understand what it's all about, and this is what draws me
      to gnosis.
      Thanks again for the advice, I'm sure I'll be back with more questions.

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      > > Hi,
      > >
      > > I'm new to this forum. I have found myself drawn to gnosticism for
      > > some time now, and have really just started to scratch the surface.
      > > However, from what I can gather, some gnostic resources can be very
      > > confusing and difficult to understand, especially as I now understand
      > > that there are many different gnostic belief systems. I am currently
      > > reading a book about the Naassene's and find their beliefs' compelling
      > > and intriguing.
      > > I joined this discussion forum in the hope of learning more, but am
      > > not sure whether I need to take smaller steps, since after browsing
      > > over some of the postings I find myself a little lost with the
      > > conversation. Can anyone give me advice on how to further my knowledge
      > > and understanding of gnosis. I would really appreciate some direction.
      > > Thanks, K.
      > >
      > Welcome to the group, kari.mudie.
      > Yes, Gnostic terminology (and cosmology, etc.) can be difficult to
      > decipher, as you and Richard note. In our links sections you can find a
      > lexicon of common Gnostic terms (PMCV is currently working on an update
      > of that) in addition to some introductory articles, which you might find
      > helpful.
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gnosticism2/links
      > <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gnosticism2/links>
      > There are many books written about Gnosticism, some introductory. One
      > recent introductory book by Birger A. Pearson is good, Ancient
      > Gnosticism, Traditions and Literature. You can also find collections of
      > scripture, such as James M. Robinson's The Nag Hammadi Library and
      > Bentley Layton's The Gnostic Scriptures (which includes abundant
      > annotations). www.gnosis.org <http://www.gnosis.org > also has
      > Gnostic scriptures available online.
      > As always, please feel free to bring any questions and comments here to
      > the forum, Kari. There are other members who are new to Gnosticism, and
      > they also might benefit from discussions that attempt to clarify some
      > confusion.
      > So, what book are you reading about the Naassenes? And what are you
      > finding intriguing?
      > Cari
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