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  • kari.mudie
    May 2, 2008

      I'm new to this forum. I have found myself drawn to gnosticism for
      some time now, and have really just started to scratch the surface.
      However, from what I can gather, some gnostic resources can be very
      confusing and difficult to understand, especially as I now understand
      that there are many different gnostic belief systems. I am currently
      reading a book about the Naassene's and find their beliefs' compelling
      and intriguing.
      I joined this discussion forum in the hope of learning more, but am
      not sure whether I need to take smaller steps, since after browsing
      over some of the postings I find myself a little lost with the
      conversation. Can anyone give me advice on how to further my knowledge
      and understanding of gnosis. I would really appreciate some direction.
      Thanks, K.
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