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13464Re: Basic Elements of Mandaeanism

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  • pmcvflag
    Apr 16, 2008
      Hey Ben

      >>>well its page 16 on the text itself<<<

      Hey Ben, thanks for the clarification. I simply wanted to help
      people who may have found that they did not see the quote directly
      via the link you posted. I wanted to post the "pdf" page. However,
      for the sake of providing the most specific way that people could
      find the quote in your link (from a library perspective... if you
      can forgive that), let me be even more exact in stating that in the
      text it is actually not on "page 16", but in the pretext xvi.
      Pagiation generally starts after preface, etc. Although xvi does
      mean "16" in Roman numerals, this is not generally understood as the
      same as "page 16" whithin the Arabic numbers that we use on the rest
      of the pages of our modern books (which you will also find to be
      true in this book. Otherwise you would have to call the page listed
      as "16" page 33 in this case, and that would really confuse most
      people). This is not to disagree or be contrary to Ben's link, but
      only to hopefully help those of you who would like to explore Ben's
      link in spite of assuming normal modern page numeration convention.

      To be more exact, this is on page 8 of the pdf (at least on my
      computer), and page xvi of the introduction in the text.

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