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13460Re: Dositheans - Dositheus (prior post was incomplete)

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  • pmcvflag
    Apr 14 5:55 PM

      >>>Since no one has furthered this thread, I thought I would
      make minor comments about things that could be very important

      <snipped for brevity>

      This leaves us with the simple conclusion that he didn't need
      to: he was RAISED a Sadduccee (there really wasn't any other
      way to become one - - other than by marriage one supposes).<<<

      Certianly one of a number of possibilities that scholars debate.
      Obviously neither the Sadducees nor Josephus were Gnostics, but since
      we are dealing with that time period perhaps they will come up now and

      >>>In reference to Dositheus, PMCV writes:
      "Several heresiological sources state that he was a Samaritan, and
      the Dosithean sect is referred to as a form of Samaritanism in both
      Jewish and Arabic accounts."<<<

      I was a little confused by your quoting me above. It doesn't seem to
      relate to your point above, so I am wondering if you intended to add a
      response and maybe forgot?

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