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13455Re: Dositheans - Dositheus (prior post was incomplete)

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  • George
    Apr 6, 2008
      Since no one has furthered this thread, I thought I would
      make minor comments about things that could be very important

      I mentioned my thoughts favorable to Josephus originating out
      of a Sadducee family.

      PMCV's response was "I have heard some recent speculation about that
      possibility but Josephus himself speaks of the Sadducees in negative
      terms and doesn't seem to include himself amongst their number."

      This is much like someone who went to parochial (Catholic) school
      and then grew up to join a Protestant denomination. Negative
      comments would be expected. As to "speculation", it is almost
      certain that Josephus was Sadducee, since it is not a CHOICE
      to become a Sadducee, and he was quite specific about trying
      the three main Jewish "schools". In his work LIFE (books 10-12),
      he discusses the Pharisees and the Essenes in detail. But
      there is no comment about him being a Sadducee.

      This leaves us with the simple conclusion that he didn't need
      to: he was RAISED a Sadduccee (there really wasn't any other
      way to become one - - other than by marriage one supposes).

      In reference to Dositheus, PMCV writes:
      "Several heresiological sources state that he was a Samaritan, and
      the Dosithean sect is referred to as a form of Samaritanism in both
      Jewish and Arabic accounts."


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