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13445Re: Dositheans - Dositheus

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  • pmcvflag
    Mar 24, 2008

      >>>I think Josephus was of a Sadducee family
      as well.<<<

      I have heard some recent speculation about that possibility but
      Josephus himself speaks of the Sadducees in negative terms and
      doesn't seem to include himself amongst their number.

      Anyway, more important to our subject....

      >>>I have no trouble with Dositheus originating out of the

      You don't quote me, but since your post relates to my recent post on
      the same subject I am guessing you may be answering my response to

      The source I was pointing to (pseudo-Tertullian) does not state that
      Dositheus originated out of the Sadducees, but that they originated
      out of him. In other words, he created the Sadducees. I find this
      very unlikely, but if it were true he would be long dead by the time
      of John. Your idea that he instead came from the Sadducees is
      obviously far more possible.

      To some extent it simply boils down to which accounts seem more
      reliable. Several heresiological sources state that he was a
      Samaritan, and the Dosithean sect is referred to as a form of
      Samaritanism in both Jewish and Arabic accounts. In these
      descriptions of the Dositheans they do not appear to be in any way
      related to the Simonians the way some heresiologists relate, nor do
      they look to be very Gnostic.

      Outside of that, I'm not really aware of any evidence linking the
      Dositheans and the Mandaeans. Perhaps Ben had a specific source in
      mind when he presented the possible connection? If so, maybe he can
      shed some light on the subject.

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