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13415Re: Taxonomy of Gnostic, Proto-Gnostic, Semi-Gnostic, Pseodo-Gnostic etc..

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  • pmcvflag
    Feb 14, 2008
      Hey Michael

      >>>What biblical elements are in Hermeticism, and where.<<<

      I don't remember the details (it isn't my theory... I just wanted to
      give equal time for Pearson because I think his point is interesting),
      but if I recall it is in Pearson's book "Gnosticism, Judaism, and
      Egyptian Christianity". I don't believe he argues this
      for "Hermeticism" (as you state) but for "Hermetism" (there is an
      important difference). Either way, his point has been one of the
      stronger reasons to connect Sethianism with Hermetism... in my view.

      Still, there is a reason I did not include this view in my graph.

      It would be very easy to change the chart to reflect his basic point.
      Would you like me to do that? I will not lie, I don't think we should
      do so just yet.

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