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13206Gnosticism, and what it means to me

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  • Christopher Heimarck
    Nov 4 3:39 PM
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      I am interested in Gnosticism. 

      But i don't know if I am totally a Gnostic. 

      I believe in the saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." 

      I believe "as above, so below," and "what is inside then becomes outside (the body)." 

      so it starts in the heart. 

      if you don't have love in your heart, you won't find it outside in the world. 

      at least the potential.  the seed. 

      we like stories, by our nature.  we tell stories.  dreams are stories.  our life is a story. 

      and it seems the gods keep the plot moving along, usually. 

      everything works by the law of seedtime and harvest.  "as you sow, so you shall reap." 

      Jesus is the Savior.  The Buddha can also be the Savior. 

      Anyone who has something to say on religion, on faith, on spirituality, can be a Savior to someone else. 

      anytime you help other people, you are being a Savior to them, a little bit. 

      so i like when Jesus says, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." 

      Jesus had all of these sayings, but when Christianity, mainstream Christianity, 

      starts going off on other directions and saying that Jesus died for all of our sins, 

      maybe that's true, and maybe it's not, but to me the main purpose of the New Testament 

      is found in the words of Jesus, about loving other people. 

      I do not know if Satan is wiser or more foolish than God 

      maybe Satan is the Fool of the tarot deck, and maybe that represents our conscious mind, 

      with all of the foolishness we get involved in every single day, 

      with selfishness, collecting junk, mean-spiritedness, and so on. 

      If dinosaurs evolved into conscious reptiles, who could walk and talk, 

      then maybe God turned them into today's snakes, as a punishment for letting human beings know good and evil 

      but also the snake, some say, became part of the human body, 

      and that was when we could consciously control our own sexuality---- 

      maybe knowing good from evil, knowing both, was language and culture's beginning 

      since language is based on meaning, and meaning is based on duality, dualism, good from evil, for example. 

      the indians in america say that the gods themselves taught the indians how to speak each language 

      and how to be a tribe, 

      so i tend to think that the indo-european language and people were that way because the gods wanted them to exist 

      but we are a war-like people, and we are up against a much more numerous people, the chinese and east asians, 

      so that makes religion extremely important. 

      we want to be seen as peaceable and peaceful and wanting the best for all concerned 

      not a war-like empire based on fear and violence. 

      we may be in for some tumult because we are in a materialistic society that pollutes everything and creates diseases in animals. 

      so i think the words of Jesus are extremely important, about love, 

      and i also think the words of Jesus in the Gnostic Gospels have a particular set of meanings 

      that are transformative. 

      i believe there are infinite universes 

      and so what happens on earth has infinite importance 

      so--  pay attention to your dreams. 

      eden represents, perhaps, when a child is still feeling loved in a family. 

      at some point he realizes there is both good and evil in the family and in the world. 

      at some point he is out on his own and has to make his own way in the world. 

      (he leaves eden.) 

      Jesus said in a Gnostic Gospel that at the end of days, people will be naked and not be ashamed. 

      this represents when a man is not ashamed to be naked in front of a woman whom he loves and who loves him, 

      perhaps in a marriage, 

      and when a child is born, this represents the universe beginning again. 

      this is just an idea, and i do not claim it is original.  "every philosophy is the philosophy of some stage of life."  --nietzsche 

      some people say lizard people are still in existence, deep underground 

      and then you have the idea that hell itself is deep in the earth, while heaven is above. 

      my point is:  the words of the Bible are transformative.  they will transform your life. 

      for the better. 

      Gnosticism, however, is the logic of the unconscious mind, which translates into dreams, into images, into stories. 

      so i believe God tries to communicate with you through your dreams. 

      the world of the 5 senses, and what the origin of that is----  Gnosticism does not shy away from talking about that. 

      was there a problem from the very beginning?  was it a Goddess who masturbated, thus this world 

      was spiritually incomplete?   certainly sometimes it seems that this world is a nightmare. 

      other times it seems it is a very pleasant dream. 

      i think the fiction of lovecraft tends to point to this idea that there are "old ones" or old gods 

      who care nothing for humanity, and who are malicious and mostly sleeping now. 

      Christianity is a much more pleasant story, with a God who loves us. 

      but h. p. lovecraft reminds me of the ideas of Gnosticism, of nightmares and alienation and secret truths. 

      for example, the idea that the creator god is insane and an idiot. 

      there is a song where the lyrics go, "the world is a vampire."  and maybe the wealthiest among us 

      are more vampiric than others, thus they gather their wealth, their possessions, and so on. 

      or the idea that the wealthiest and most powerful among us have some dragon blood in their ancestry, some reptile. 

      and then we get to solipsism and the idea that i must logically maximize my own possessions, money, and pleasure.

      the opposite of this is simply to love other people as you love yourself. 

      when you realize that your decisions have consequences, and they could be good or evil, helpful or destructive, 

      causing happiness or causing pain or death, then you realize that life is not just a game for your own amusement. 

      God's mercy is why you are still alive, but we all have to die sometime. 

      i think it is good to try to do all the good you can while you still can. 

      "welcome to the realm of infinite influence," someone said to me once. 

      when you "take responsibility" for your world, you try to do the best you can to do good. 

      zen buddhism would put it this way:  absolute attention to the present moment, and absolute compassion. 

      maybe in the future people will not just be "one" religion to the exclusion of all others, 

      but like me, will try to find truth wherever they can, the truth of a better way of being for humans. 


      Christopher Heimarck
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