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  • gortoz77
    Oct 31, 2007
      Hi K ,
      One yet many . I think to know that is to know a lot .
      Like petals on a rose , seperate yet one .
      I think genesis has very deep knowledge hidden in it . Are
      you familiar with it ?
      In my opinion , the main crux of it all is this .
      Gnostic thought relates the snake as the good guy , maybe .
      But the big question is , why was the genesis God so worried
      about his children eating the apple and therefore TO SEE AS
      HE ( plural ) DID ?????
      Why didnt this god want adam and eves eyes to open to
      the truth ??? Why didnt he want them to see like him and
      his company , up there in the clouds ( whoever they were ) .

      Seeya , from Gort ,

      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, RatherNotSay TooMuchBoutMe
      <knowknottalot@...> wrote:
      > well. let me inform you, and any others that would surely express
      curiosity about myself, that my knowledge is purely subjective and
      biased, dependent upon my own experiences and given insights... any
      knowledge or info that I may impart is therefore wholly open to
      potential flaws and/ or criticism; in fact, I encourage such, for
      such is the path towards empowerment and enlightenment for all...
      Knowledge is for naught, if proven false, correct? I will share what
      I may, and hope that you, too, will facilitate my enlightenment and
      advancement towards The Penultimate Truth; thus, may we grow,
      together... Having said that, I shall endeavor to enlighten you as
      to the meaning of that Passage in Genesis, understanding that I
      > It has come to be understood by myself that God spoke, then
      and oft since, with regard to the Whole of Himself, Him being One,
      and Many (both aspects considered uniquely separate, and,
      simultaneously, unified). I doubt this explanation will help a whole
      lot, but 'tis the best I have to offer...
      > gortoz77 <gortoz77@...> wrote:
      > Ok , well please to meet you ,
      > Umm ... yes of course the greek was before the
      > latin . But what was before the greek ?
      > Besides that . I think this is a good group but its very
      > slow at the moment . I like the loggo of the snake and the
      > apple . And i read a bit about that in your links . Very
      > interesting .
      > Genesis has always been one of my favourite things .
      > Not that im religious . Hope you dont mind me asking a
      > couple of questions .
      > Do you see genesis 1/26 . ' ... we shall make them in
      > OUR image ' Obviously this god was not alone . Could you
      > please shed some light on this , from a Gnostic view .
      > Thankyou , from Gort ,
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