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13084Re: Gnostic beliefs on matter

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  • Mark
    Aug 12, 2007

      Along the same lines, I would like to know how the Gnostic view(s) of
      the world and the body as evil adds to or detracts from ecology. If
      the world is evil, then why protect the environment?

      Thanks for the question. I hope some others chime in.


      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Timothy Fuhrmeister"
      <timfuhrmeister@...> wrote:
      > Several years back I started studying the Bible and I was confronted
      > by a diety that I could not understand as supremely good judging by
      > his actions in the old testament. This is what attracted me to
      > Gnosticsism,becuase it gave some answers to the behavior of God-er the
      > Demiurge-that I could understand. However I find myself having a hard
      > time accepting the Gnostic views on the inherent evilness of our
      > planet and of our bodies and agree more with the Greek pagan view that
      > this world-and us in it-is inherently good.Any thoughts?
      > Tim.
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