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13080Marcion of Sinope all this and next week on CCG!!!

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  • miguelconner
    Aug 11, 2007
      Marcion of Sinope. He is perhaps the greatest heretic of all times.
      His following was so large it threatened the early Catholic Church.
      He is also the reason The Bible was ever written, perhaps the man who
      wrote the Pauline Letters, a genius Christian logician and many other
      enigmatic speculations. Also, was he a true Gnostic or simply a man
      who wanted to create the first organized, global form of Christianity
      in the world? Astral Guest—Robert Price, author of `Deconstructing
      Jesus', `The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man', and `The Pre-Nicene New

      Topics Discussed:

      --The life of times of Marcion.
      --His divisive theology, including evidence for and against him being
      a Gnostic.
      --Besides perhaps being the author of Paul's letters, how Marcion
      might have been the influence behind the Gospel of John. And a little
      side discussion on how Basilides might have been behind the Gospel of
      --The customs and beliefs of the Marcionites who spread all over the
      Roman Empire like mice and challenged the early Catholic Church.
      --The eventually doom of Marcion and the Marcionites at the hands of
      the Christian Roman Empire.
      --Marcion—anti-Semite or actually a champion of the Jewish religion?
      --Separating the Polemics of the Church Fathers from actual evidence
      pointing to the real truth of Marcion's rise and fall.

      And much more!

      As always to access the program:

      --Go to my homepage http://www.thegodabovegod.com/
      --Scroll down until you see the Stickam screen (the eye with the
      bloody tear)
      --Click the music icon and voila…'Coffee, Cigarettes & Gnosis
      61—Marcion' will appear in its entirety!

      And, of course, the show will be available for one week at your

      I've also posted `Coffee, Cigarettes & Gnosis #32—The Return of the
      Sufi'. We deal with Islamic Gnosticism (Sufism) & The Persian Poets.

      Special Guest-- David Fideler, author of 'Love's Alchemy: Poems from
      the Sufi Tradition' & 'Jesus Christ Sun of God'.

      Topics discussed:

      --The origins, theology and rituals of Sufism.
      --The parallels and similarities between Sufism and Gnosticism.
      --New translations that give a fresh insight into the puissance of the
      Persian poets (a far cry from the New Age drivel you've had to hear
      from the mouths of Demi Moore and Madonna).
      --The background and sublime genius of Rumi and the other great
      Persian Poets.
      --An actual chance to listen to Sufi music and poetry as it was
      originally intended centuries ago in the correct context, both in
      Persian and English.
      --How the Sufi and Persian poetry actually influenced our modern views
      on Romantic Love.
      --Is there such a thing as Arabic Kabbalah?

      Always looking for show ideas or guests. Any authors or scholars out
      there that I should know about let me know.

      All shows are available for download at my homepage. If you're short
      on money let me know and I'll gladly send whatever you require.