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13077Re: Tillich and the Demiurge

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  • Verna Leigh Johnson
    Aug 9 12:40 AM
      Sounds like Tillich studied the Kaballah at some point. Where did
      you get your info? Is there a link?
      blessings and peas

      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Mark" <larockpitts@...> wrote:
      > Paul Tillich (1868-1965), a liberal Christian theologian, felt that
      > concept of a "Personal God" as held by many main-line Christians
      was a
      > concept that destroyed any meaningful idea of God. Instead, he
      > of a "God" that was above this personal God, a "God above God,"
      > he understood as the "Ground of Being." Since all language, when
      > comes to describing God, is metaphorical and reflects the culture
      > which it arose, I am wondering if Tillich--not intentionally or
      > consciously--is merely restating, in the philosophical/theological
      > idiom of his day, the Gnostic teaching, expressed in the
      > philosophical/theological idiom of their day, of the God that is
      > behind/above the creator God/Demiurge. I don't think Tillich
      > called this "Personal God" evil, but he did see it as limiting and
      > destructive to spirituality--a God that we had to "get beyond" to
      > the true God.
      > Also, thank you Cari for your thoughtful answer to my previous post-
      > the three levels of initiation and their correlation to the temple
      > very interesting.
      > Thanks,
      > Mark
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