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13071Re: Classifications among the Valentinians

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  • lady_caritas
    Jun 29, 2007
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Mark" <larockpitts@...> wrote:
      > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, lady_caritas no_reply@ wrote:
      > > I was under the impression that most hospitals ask if one has a
      > > religious preference in order to better facilitate "spiritual"
      > > care from pastors, etc. This past year I was in a surgical lounge of
      > a
      > > metropolitan hospital with a relative who was awaiting surgery.
      > > I've never experienced this before, but a pastor moved around the
      > > room talking with individual groups of people, asking if people wanted
      > > to pray with him. He was offering a Christian prayer. I'm sure
      > > many of the Christians would find this appropriate; however, the
      > pastor
      > > initially wouldn't have known whether they were Jews, Muslims,
      > > Buddhists, atheists, etc. unless they spoke up. One might even run
      > into
      > > a Mandaean. ;-)
      > >
      > Concerning this pastor and his actions: as the hospital staff chaplain
      > I would ask him to leave and not come back and call security if needed
      > (as I have done before if I find a pastor visiting people who are not
      > of their faith tradition and invited). This kind of "pastoral care" is
      > inappropriate in a multi-cultural, multi-faith setting such as most
      > healthcare institutions today. Board certified chaplains today are
      > trained to work with a variety of faiths or no faith in the provision
      > of spiritual care. You may read an article I wrote on this topic at
      > http://www.hds.harvard.edu/news/bulletin/articles/larocca-pitts.html.

      Mark, thank you for the article.  It was very informative.  I can see that when approached with training and sensitivity, a hospital staff chaplain's work can be quite challenging as well as satisfying.

      I'll repost your link without the added ending period, so that members can access the article more easily:



      > I generally find my work more satisfying the less traditional a
      > person's spiritual path is. I am a seeker who has found a path that
      > feeds my soul and enjoy traveling with others on other paths that feed
      > them. Within Valentinus and Sethian traditions I have found much that
      > speaks to me and that is currently informing my path.
      > I will check out your link on angels. Thanks!
      > Mark

      You're welcome, Mark.  I'll be interested to hear whatever you care to share about Valentinians and Sethians that speaks to you, whenever you have some time.


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