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13065Re: Classifications among the Valentinians

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  • Nicholas Doolilttle
    Jun 28, 2007
      >>>and also that jesus was satan and that john the baptist was the true

      I think you are refering to Aleister Crowley's   Vision and the Voice.
      Vision and voice p134
      --and Satan is worshipped by men under the name of
      Jesus, and Lucifer is worshiped by men under
      the name of Brahma, and Leviathan is
      worshiped by men under the name Allah, and
      Belial is worshiped by men under the name
      of Buddha.
      I Imagine
      that Lucifer(light bearer), and Satan(accusor/deciever)
      are really two different people. It is Lucifer the light bearer
      who brings the light to us, the Truth. and Satan has decieved
      us into believing that he is the evil one. and so keeping us from
      the Truth.
      or at least thats the way it looks to me, from where I Stand.
      I couldnt explain how I Know that.
      I just know what its like to have the whole world despise you
      because you dared to even try to do what is right.
      Satan is the jealous one who wishes that HE could be the
      one to bring the light to the world.
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