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13062Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: Classifications among the Valentinians

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  • dwain
    Jun 28, 2007
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      pmcvflag wrote:
      > >>>and also that jesus was satan and that john the baptist was the true
      > messiah?<<<
      > I think you may be mixing a few things. Just because something may
      > sometimes be called "Heretic" or is unusual by modern Christian
      > thinking does not mean it is specifically "Gnostic". You may be
      > talking about the Mandaeans. There was a time when this group was
      > called "Gnostic", but more sensitive evaluation shows they may not be.

      > PMCV

      exactly who i was speaking of. who did the more sensitive evaluation
      and when did it occur? are there any links to this information you can


      Dwain Alford
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      for his inner impulse must find suitable expression." Kandinsky
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