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13057Classifications among the Valentinians

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  • Mark
    Jun 25, 2007
      According to Marvin Meyer (The Gnostic Discoveries, p. 117), the
      Valentinians divide humankind into three groups: "the people of the
      spirit" (pneumatikoi), "the people with a soul" (psychikoi), and "the
      people of the flesh" (sarkikoi). Does this mean that for one to move
      from sarkikoi (unbelievers) to psychikoi (ordinary Christians) and then
      to pneumatikoi (spiritual Christians) that one successively ADDS to the
      flesh first soul and then spirit, or does one progressively AWAKEN
      first soul and then spirit, or is it somethig else? Behind this
      question is an attempt to understand their anthropology: is a person
      flesh+soul+spirit? Also, in what ways does spirit differ from soul?
      Behind this question is another: what is "spiritual" care as opposed,
      for example, to "pastoral" care?

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