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13049Re: Mysticism a Regressional Experience?

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  • pmcvflag
    Apr 8, 2007
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      Hey Ken

      >>>Tom is also a moderator of GnosticThought.<<<

      Ah, yes... and after I posted I thought about at and realized I
      should have posted all of the mods of the groups. Isn't Brenda also
      a mod there?

      >>>GnosticThought is only "New Age" in the same sense this group
      is "New Age." That is we are not traditional Christian
      as "Christian" has been defined for the past 1600 or so years. We
      are part of the new age of openness, diversity and tolerance. When I
      said "we are all of the new age" I was including you ;-)<<<

      That sounds like what I picked up as well. So my term "eclective
      relativism" seems not so far off the mark in intent.

      >>>GnosticThought could be defined as having the exact opposite focus
      of this group. While this group is about historical gnosticism and
      modern personal experiences are not off topic so long as they are
      related to historical gnosticism in some way, GnosticThought is
      about modern personal Gnosis and related mystic experiences with
      some historical discussion hopefully relating to modern personal

      I think that is a good observation of the primary differences
      between the groups. I am glad to see that there are others here who
      understand how this forum is meant to function so that it is not
      simply that us mods have completely failed to communicate it.

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