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13046Re: Mysticism a Regressional Experience?

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    Apr 7, 2007
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      Cari and Thomas

      >>>Thank you for all your recent comments, Thomas. I was a little
      confused by a couple thoughts in the post above.<<<

      Cari, your observations and questions are exactly where I was leading
      as well. This is the reason I was asking Thomas where he drew the line
      between literal and allegorical. I think you hit the core of the issue
      better than I did.


      Your post answered many of my questions, but somehow I am still not
      sure of your stance on the issues that Cari is asking about. I don't
      want you to think you are getting the 3dr degree (so to speak), just
      that it is a genuine curiousity that I think is worth exploring.

      This is my ditto to Cari's question.

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