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13041Re: Mysticism a Regressional Experience?

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  • Thomas Wycihowski
    Apr 4 9:13 PM
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, verna ward <imdarkchylde@...>
      > Blessings, Thomas!
      > Wanted to respond off group, we will get a perverbial finger
      shook at us, I have run into this on G2 before; it was made very
      clear to me that they want to discuss gnoticism strictly in the
      academic and historical sense, not in the reality of an experience of
      gnosis. They aren't bad, they just miss the point. Its their
      group. If I may suggest another group I am on that discusses the
      mystical experience of gnosis is
      http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Real-Gnosis/ . The owner(?) of
      the group is Dick Richardson, a personal friend of mine and mystic,
      altho he doesn't care for the 'religion' of gnosticism. He runs the
      Psychognosis network, and there is much to be learned from him, if
      you are seeking info about the experience of gnosis.
      > Now, that said, I agree with you, that our Root, (Dick calls it
      the Ground of Being, I call it the ONE, or the Great Unmanifest), is
      what few experience, but it does rejuvinate the spirit. I had two
      seperate and distinctly different experiences as OBEs that I am still
      discovering the truth.
      > Could you describe your experinces? What preceeded, what it was
      like (as much as you can use our crude language to describe such a
      wonderfully subtle experiences)? If you are interested, I can
      describe mine as well.
      > Walk in Light and Love!!
      > whirled and inner peas
      > Leigh (DarkChylde)
      > Gnothi Seauton

      Well, first of all the most prominent nature of it was having
      returned "Home". I often have felt like an exile, and desired greatly
      to return to my "home". It's like wandering through a world of exile,
      a lot like Adam must have felt when he was banished from the Garden
      of Eden, or Garden of Delight.
      There was a sense that I had recovered a missing fragment of my
      self, a self often that is in a divorce from the world I live in. I
      suppose the best way toi describe it would be my Unconditioned Self.
      Society is always trying to manipulate our thoughts and our feelings
      via social pressure, expectations, the media, e.t.c . This creates a
      form of spiritual colonization that is just a devestating as the
      colonization that occured when Native Americans were robbed of their
      land and their ways by the colonists, or what occured in Africa.
      So this colonization is so insidious that eventually it corrupts
      the original purity of the mind of their person, setting up various
      illusions and deceptions that cause the person to be confused about
      Who and What they are.
      So there was that sense that I was Home and at the same time a
      sense of inner joy that for a time, the journey was over for me. I
      suppose it might have bene like if Adam had been able to sneak past
      the guardian Cherub back into the Garden, if only for a minute.
      The worst part was the sense of exile. In many ways, I have often
      desired to die or at least have a NDE, so I can be enraptured in the
      sea of bliss and unity that lies beyond the leadened skies.
      Inevietabley, one returns to the journey and the ceaseless
      wandering. What I wants is like what the birds released by Noah
      wanted, which is a place for me to rest and find peace from my
      wanderings and to bask in a joy that is often difficult to remember.
      My greatest fear has been to be totally socialized by this
      heartless society that looks at people as machines and tools for
      either their personal enrichment or for their use. In this society,
      people are things, tools, machines. Once one autamaton teaches the
      young to think that way, they create another autamaton who in turn
      will take free human children and make them into consumer goods to be
      sold and bartered for pay.
      Thank God they haven't mind-raped me to the point that I am just
      another autamaton, wandering unthinkingly across the landscape. If I
      ever became like that, I hope God would be merciful and kill me.
      What good is it to be alive, if your just a walking corpse and
      your soul is dead within you?>
      > Thomas Wycihowski <tjwycihowski@...> wrote:
      > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Verna Leigh Johnson"
      > <imdarkchylde@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Brightest Blessings, Thomas!
      > > What a blessed name! You aren't kin to the famous (infamous?)
      > > brothers that made the Matrix, are you?
      > > I agree with you on a few of your points. As a beginner
      > Kabbalist,
      > > I am still discovering the 'truth' of the Garden of Eden story,
      > I
      > > am a Valentian to the core, so to speak, and that is what still
      > > resonates within me, like scratching an itch that bugged me for
      > > long.
      > > It is interesting you consider 'agnostic' to be "intuitive
      > knowledge
      > > without the framework of conceptual thought." Knowledge is
      > > not a 'collection of data, but 'knowledge' (as used by the Hebrew
      > > definition and alike in the Greek and Latin as well) thus a,
      > meaning
      > > anti, meaning 'against' would be without knowlegde in its
      > > sense.
      > > But I understand your meaning, as I have had such 'mystical'
      > > exeriences (altho I didn't know they were when I had them) in the
      > > form of OBEs, NDEs, and some I don't think have
      a 'classification',
      > > (or at least not one that can be pinned down). But having visted
      > the
      > > Ground of Being, the Great Unmainfest, the Father of the
      > > whatever pigeonhole you wish to use, I can tell you there is NO
      > > THINKING there, only an 'awareness' of self (not ego). I have not
      > > been told this, I KNOW this. You may contact me on my personal
      > email
      > > if you wish, as I have found this may not meet the definition of
      > > classification of Gnosticism in the traditional (an to some no
      > longer
      > > existant) sense and such discussions may not be encouraged, but I
      > > will still put in my two cents.
      > > Whirled and inner peas
      > > DarkChylde
      > >
      > > my email is imdarkchylde@
      > >
      > > Gnothi Seauton
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Thomas Wycihowski"
      > > <tjwycihowski@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > I'm continually fascinated by the story of the Garden of Eden
      > and
      > > > it's various version in Gnostic books.
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > My take is that the Garden was a mystical experience that many
      > > > people of different religious experiences experience. In a book
      > by
      > > a
      > > > Transpersonal writer Ken Wilber, he more or less dissess Eden
      > a
      > > > pre-egoistic state where the differentiation between the self
      > > the
      > > > outside worn't exist.
      > > >
      > > > I disagree with that. In my opinion, the eating of the Tree of
      > > > Knowledge of Good and Evil was a divorcing of the counscious
      > human
      > > > being from the mystical sense of oneness that existed before.
      > This
      > > > was the "Fall" into matter.
      > > >
      > > > Thge author makes regression seem to be inicimal to spiritual
      > > > progress. I belkeive that is a false dychotomy. My own
      > perspective
      > > is
      > > > that it IS a form of Gnosis, I call Agnosis, or intuitive
      > knowledge
      > > > without the framework of conceptual thought.
      > > >
      > > > Anyways, a lot of mystical experience seems like to me a
      > > regression
      > > > to a earlier stae of perception and cognition.
      > > >
      > > > So do you think that some mystical experiences are regressive
      > > > nature?
      > > >
      > > I have had what I would term "blissful" experiences. But I guess
      > the way I get to it might be different then some people.
      > While I am a hetrosexual in the general sense of the term, I'm
      > also an AB (Adult Baby). So basically, my experience of these
      > blissfull experiences, the closest I could say I got to "mystical",
      > was ina "regressed" frame of mind.
      > I really beleive the biggest problem people have is they seek to
      > continually advance. While this is necessary in life (that which
      > not grow dies), I also beleive we all must at times return to our
      > Root for rejuvanation. I find it to be a spiritual experience,
      > I am more of a Sethian, in that I beleive the Sethian line is the
      > inheritors of the Gnosis. Ultimately, these experiences are so
      > different, that they can't be framed mentally. In the mundane
      > what can't be named or labelled can't be "known". But then how does
      > baby "know" his mothers love? How do we "know" someone loves us.

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