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13035Re: Mysticism a Regressional Experience?

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  • Thomas Wycihowski
    Apr 3, 2007
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, lady_caritas <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Thomas Wycihowski"
      > <tjwycihowski@> wrote:
      > > I really beleive the biggest problem people have is they seek
      > > continually advance. While this is necessary in life (that which
      > > not grow dies), I also beleive we all must at times return to our
      > > Root for rejuvanation. I find it to be a spiritual experience,
      > >
      > > I am more of a Sethian, in that I beleive the Sethian line is
      > > inheritors of the Gnosis.
      > First, I am attracted to it because i beleive that Adam and Eve
      were the first modern humans on earth. Of course there were other
      creautres, hominids, predecessors to Adam and Eve, but I no more
      consider them to be human then a chimpanzee is the same as a lemur.
      I beleive the Ethian lineage is the possessors and guardians of
      the varied esoteric doctrines that were promulgated over the Earth.
      Each opf these fragments of the primal knowledge was passed down from
      father to son, begining with Adam to Seth, and eventually culminating
      in Jesus of Nazareth.
      At all times and all cultures, humans have known the primal
      revelation. The apparent discrepancies come from this revelation
      mixing with local customs and cultures.
      The Apocalypse of Adam reveals what happened BEHIND the curtains,
      and is presented as a testament by the dying Adam to his son Seth. It
      reveals the TRUE reason for the discord and evil on what is a good
      Basically, humans have lived under spiritual tyrrany sinmce our
      inception. The Demiurge has played one person or religion against
      another, in classical divide and counquer tactics of tyrants.
      Irregardless if this "being" is called Allah, Yahweh, Jesus or
      someother name, in the end it is the same being.
      This deception is used to enslave our minds and keep us busy
      fighting over words and doctrines that in the end serve the Demiurge
      very well.
      Part of it is to steal the Gnosis from us, because the Demiurge
      knows if we remember our root and origins, we will eventually find
      our way out of his and his Aeons clutches.
      The Secret Book of John details, from a Sethian standpoint, the
      associated Aeons and the planets they are related to.
      Combine that with some Hermetic material, and you see that true
      to the conception of demonologists, these beings are not "gods" but
      devils! There the personification of Vice, and the downward pull of
      evil to enslave us for eternity here.
      IMHO, the way to escape is to shed the chains on our minds. We
      must cast away all that holds us down and enlighten our minds with
      the TRUTH of our manipulation by the demonic forces of Ialdabaoth and
      his minions of wickedness.
      > Hello, Thomas. You seem interested in "roots" and, surely, the
      > Gnostics were concerned about origins and cosmogony, origin of the
      > cosmos. What about the Sethians and their writings particularly
      > intrigues you?
      > Cari
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