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13030Mysticism a Regressional Experience?

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  • Thomas Wycihowski
    Apr 1, 2007
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      I'm continually fascinated by the story of the Garden of Eden and
      it's various version in Gnostic books.

      My take is that the Garden was a mystical experience that many
      people of different religious experiences experience. In a book by a
      Transpersonal writer Ken Wilber, he more or less dissess Eden as a
      pre-egoistic state where the differentiation between the self and the
      outside worn't exist.

      I disagree with that. In my opinion, the eating of the Tree of
      Knowledge of Good and Evil was a divorcing of the counscious human
      being from the mystical sense of oneness that existed before. This
      was the "Fall" into matter.

      Thge author makes regression seem to be inicimal to spiritual
      progress. I belkeive that is a false dychotomy. My own perspective is
      that it IS a form of Gnosis, I call Agnosis, or intuitive knowledge
      without the framework of conceptual thought.

      Anyways, a lot of mystical experience seems like to me a regression
      to a earlier stae of perception and cognition.

      So do you think that some mystical experiences are regressive in
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