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  • lady_caritas
    Mar 12, 2007
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "tau_mar_thoma"
      <tau_mar_thoma@...> wrote:
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      > Greetings, Mike and PMCV:
      > AMEN! It's about time that people accept that, in fact, "The Da
      > Code" is a book of fictions, not inspired by the True God, but
      > comprised of a clever concoction of facts but mostly theories put
      > together to make money, promote movies, and to be the new hot topic
      > bloggers galore. Furthermore, a lot of his "facts and theories" are
      > imperfectly understood and, consequently, render a very imperfect
      > "gnostic" revelation. Besides, in the final analysis, you will
      > find Truth in any form of written literature, not even the NHL et
      > but solely through experiential Gnosis. The written words have
      > place, to be sure, but they are at best vague adumbrations of how
      > what Truth might appear as.
      > It is one thing to say "The Word" but this mystical concept must
      > be confused - not ever - with the written words of humans, be they
      > spiritual or secular or nearly brain-dead. Unless, at heart, we too
      > are become "bible-beating fundamentalists"? What divine Being ever
      > wrote anything down, other than the demiurge when it "inscribed" the
      > words of the Torah on two blocks of stone?

      Hello, + Tau Mar Thoma. We've had many discussions about how the
      ancient Gnostics might have conceived "Gnosis." Of course, without
      their writings we could not learn what they thought or experienced,
      nor did they convey this information without a theoretical setting of
      some sort. We don't have absolute, firsthand knowledge of all their
      initiatory study and practices; however, their writings exhibit more
      than a passing familiarity with Platonist philosophy, for instance.

      You mention that written works have their place. If I may ask, what
      place is that? If Truth is found "only through experiential Gnosis,"
      what does the adjective "experiential" encompass? From your reading
      of the NHL you mention and other literature, what would the ancients
      take this to mean?

      Do you agree or disagree with the "Attributes of Gnosis" outlined in
      our group files section regarding the historical Gnostics?

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