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  • tau_mar_thoma
    Mar 11, 2007
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, Michael Leavitt <ac998@...> wrote:
      > pmcvflag wrote:
      > > Hey Mike
      > >
      > >
      > >>> Well for once I agree completely with Robert Eisenman.<<<
      > >>>
      > >
      > > Although I agree with Eisenman for being critical of the discoveries,
      > > I was taken aback by this statement from him...
      > >
      > > "And what of this "Mary"'s other descendant all Gnostic Gospel
      > > enthusiasts and those wishing for the eternal feminine (to say
      > > of "the bloodline of the Holy Grail" ) fantasize over, "Sarah"?"
      > >
      > > Good lord! Now Nag Hammadi studies have no validity and anyone
      with an
      > > insterest in Gnosticism must be followers of Dan Brown's uncritical
      > > historical theories. Is there an emoticon for the rolling of ones
      > >
      > > PMCV
      > >
      > I didn't take that statement personally, but you have a point. 0)0)
      > (rolls eyes) (I just made that up). :-)
      Greetings, Mike and PMCV:

      AMEN! It's about time that people accept that, in fact, "The Da Vinci
      Code" is a book of fictions, not inspired by the True God, but
      comprised of a clever concoction of facts but mostly theories put
      together to make money, promote movies, and to be the new hot topic of
      bloggers galore. Furthermore, a lot of his "facts and theories" are
      imperfectly understood and, consequently, render a very imperfect
      "gnostic" revelation. Besides, in the final analysis, you will never
      find Truth in any form of written literature, not even the NHL et al.
      but solely through experiential Gnosis. The written words have their
      place, to be sure, but they are at best vague adumbrations of how and
      what Truth might appear as.

      It is one thing to say "The Word" but this mystical concept must never
      be confused - not ever - with the written words of humans, be they
      spiritual or secular or nearly brain-dead. Unless, at heart, we too
      are become "bible-beating fundamentalists"? What divine Being ever
      wrote anything down, other than the demiurge when it "inscribed" the
      words of the Torah on two blocks of stone?


      +Tau Mar Thoma

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