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13013Re: The Old & New Inquisition against the Gnostics this Sun on CCG!!!

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  • Gerry
    Mar 1, 2007
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, pmcvflag <no_reply@...> wrote:

      > BTW Lady Cari, when you talked about Couliano being mentioned in the
      > interview I meant to post this as the probable quote...
      > "Once I believed that Gnosticism was a well-defined phenomenon
      > belonging to the religious history of Late Antiquity. Of course, I
      > was ready to accept the idea of different prolongations of ancient
      > Gnosis, and even that of spontaneous generation of views of the
      > world in which, at different times, the distinctive features of
      > Gnosticism occur again.
      > I was soon to learn however, that I was a naïf indeed. Not only
      > Gnosis was gnostic, but the Catholic authors were gnostic, the
      > Neoplatonic too, Reformation was gnostic, Communism was gnostic,
      > Nazism was gnostic, liberalism, existentialism and psychoanalysis
      > were gnostic too, modern biology was gnostic, Blake, Yeats, Kafka
      > were gnostic…. I learned further that science is gnostic and
      > superstition is gnostic…Hegel is gnostic and Marx is gnostic; all
      > things and their opposite are equally gnostic."
      > The funny part is, I have had people actually use this quote to
      > counter something I have said thinking that Couliano was being
      > serious. They thought he was advocating an uncritical usage
      > of "Gnosticism" and saying it really WAS all these things. I would
      > like to dream that people don't abuse our words this way... but...
      > *sigh*.
      > PMCV


      Yes, naïf indeed!  Ya know, before our initial venturing into the Internet all those years ago, I'm sure that I would NEVER have believed that people could actually understand such a clear and reasonable statement as advocating the very opposite of what the author intended.  Unfortunately, we've seen it happen too many times.


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