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13006Re: Jewish Gnostics

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  • pmcvflag
    Feb 25, 2007
      Hey Ken

      >>>Freke and Gandy throw out a 300 BCE date, but they didn't give
      good references. IMO they were more interested in building their own
      myth than in history. Which BYW is fine with me. I like their myth. I
      just don't confuse it with historical fact where I can't find
      evidence other than their word.<<<

      Completely agreed. Freke and Gandy offer a good introduction to to a
      sort of Gnostic allegorical style, offset by a nightmare
      historiography. Unfortunately, unlike you many people are not
      informed enough to tell the difference.

      The good side of that is that it makes people stop to think about
      the mythological aspect. I think it is very important to do so when
      talking about Gnosticism. There are SO many people who try very hard
      to understand Gnostic texts as if they were talking about Jesus,
      Judas, Seth, Thomas, Adam, Eve, etc., as historical people. Even Dr
      Ehrman recently gave a talk dealing with the Gospel of Judas and the
      supposed "historical" Judas. Why?

      The bad side is that because critical perspective is also an aspect
      of hermeneutics, and therefore Gnosis, presenting such a flawed
      historical perspective about Gnostics actually works against the
      principle of "Gnosis" itself (besides the fact that I think flawed
      historical thinking is a disservice to humanity, just as flawed
      scientific thinking is). It is one thing to deal with Jesus as a
      myth, and completely another thing to misinform about what that
      means in traditional Gnostic thinking.... and Gnosis.

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