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12980Re: The Old & New Inquisition against the Gnostics this Sun on CCG!!!

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  • pmcvflag
    Feb 19, 2007
      Hey Miguel

      >>You expressed this better than I could have. In the end, as in
      the beginning, anything mainstream they don't like will be called
      Gnostic. In Arthur's book he points out authors who have humorously
      accused Oprah Winfrey, Gloria Steimen, and even Louis Farrakan of
      being 'gnostic'. And the list doesn't end there!<<<

      Then again, this would be expected on the part of the polemicists.
      Critical perspective is not in their agenda. What I find even more
      strange is that the same thing is going on with many people who
      label THEMSELVES "Gnostic". Just as it was with the polemicists
      trying to connect heresies together, some modern self professed
      Gnostics often reduce the category to a specific attribute and
      extend the label accordingly. Things like egalitarianism, mysticism,
      some sort of spiritual anarchy or counterculture individualism, or
      simply not being "orthodox" becomes the idenity of "Gnostic".

      No wonder people often join the forum confused about what the
      heck "Gnosticism" actually is *lol*.

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