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12958Re: Is " A Course in Miracles" a gnostic text"?

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  • qoheleth_lives
    Feb 14, 2007

      I'm not new to Gnosticism, but I am new to the Course in Miracles
      material, which I begrudgingly began examining this week. I
      immediately made the connection with gnostic thought in general,
      based upon some of the same points you've listed here. I have since
      discovered a book by Kenneth Wapnick that specifically addresses
      this subject at length by comparing some of the Nag Hammadi texts
      with the ACIM material. I plan to read it, as I am pretty compelled
      by the whole thing. Anyway, I wish I knew the title of the book, but
      if you do a web search for "wapnick gnostic" or something like that,
      you'll find it. It's on Amazon, also.


      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Alejandro" <catarsis0@...>
      > Hello Cari, thanks for your comments. See, I found some similar
      > between both systems, gnostic and ACIM. For example:
      > 1)The world and the whole material cosmos is not God creation, but
      > sort of fabrication based on a first mistake or error. (done by
      > something else)
      > 2)Knowledge and salvation are related, faith or belief is not
      > there is something to be done or re-learned.
      > 3) In both systems there is strong dualism. (light and dark, true
      > false, etc)
      > 4) We humans are traped in kind of prison.
      > 5) They both do talk about emanationism.
      > 6) The God of vengance and fear in fisrt testament is not the
      > God
      > 7) They both talk about the posibility of freedom from the word
      > re-integration with God ocurrs.
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