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12952Re: Gnostic Texts in the Oxyrhynchus Papyri

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  • smithand44
    Feb 1, 2007
      The Oxyrhynchus Online Site just refers the reader to the printed
      volumes of the Oxy papyri for a transcription and translation. I don't
      know anything more on this yet.


      > Hi, Andrew. What an assignment. *lol*
      > I'm curious. Did Arthur Hunt list his grounds for proposing Melito
      > as author?
      > "Apostrophe" could be a direct address to a personified abstraction,
      > and this address could very well be in the form of a hymn. "Wisdom,"
      > of course, could be "Sophia."
      > As far as original authorship, I don't have enough information under
      > my belt to even suggest whether this might be Melito or some unknown
      > Valentinian. Also, by the fifth century there possibly could have
      > been revisions from the original. Did you find any translations
      > readily available?
      > Cari
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