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12901Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: Daily Enlightenment

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  • Michael Leavitt
    Dec 16, 2006
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      pmcvflag wrote:
      > Hey Mike
      >>>> I frankly abhor forums, and much prefer email. /I only use the forum
      > for looking up old posts./<<<
      > Really? You never use the links, or database, or photos, etc? I never
      > got the hang of how answering through emails works, so I don't really
      > know if I would like it better. However, I do know that it causes
      > quite a bit of trouble for us mods *lol*. We are often blamed for
      > email posts that don't get through. We are also sometimes blamed for
      > the ones that do. We have been accused of kicking people out when in
      > fact it was their email post that caused Yahoo to remove them from the
      > group. We have had so many people here who were not sure who they were
      > answering, which parts they were answering, and so forth... simply
      > because in their emails they could not see (or didn't understand) the
      > formatting.
      > In fact, the post I just did for Pneuman demonstrates one of those
      > problems with email posting (which luckily us mods caught or it would
      > have just been lost).
      > I am glad that you can keep it straight, and I didn't even realize you
      > were answering from your email because you seem to have a good handle
      > on how it works. However, for those less familiar I would really
      > suggest checking in the forum rather than setting yourself to get
      > posts in email form.
      > Besides, those who look in the forum get to see that purdy picture on
      > the home page that Gerry made for us! :)
      > PMCV
      I'm an old hand at email and none of that bothers me, I guess but I
      can't stand blogs or forums either one. But then I hate using a
      browser to communicate. Surfing is it.
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