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  • pmcvflag
    Nov 14, 2006

      >>>>One can get e-mails by sending an e-mail to
      That is a leftover from the days when yahoogroups was oneslist.<<<

      AHHHH! That explains a lot. Thanks Ken!

      >>>I understand that this group was formed as a yahoo club. I
      started the GT list on onelist which was a subscribtion based
      internet e-mail list. egroups ate onelist then yahoo ate egroups.
      For a while yahoo clubs and yahoogroups operated side by side on
      yahoo. Finally yahoo blended yahoo clubs into yahoogroups. That's
      how you ended up with the 2 on the end of gnosticism.<<<

      Yes, and those who had the Clubs kind of got snubbed. Not only did
      we get the @ added (in spite of the fact that we were older and
      larger than the group that got to keep it's original name) but we
      also lost several years worth of archives. According to our list it
      was created at the end of 2001 rather than in 98, and according to
      our archives there are a whole bunch of missing posts from Dec 31,
      1970 *lol*.

      >>>Anyway, if someone is signed up to have the posts sent by e-mail
      they are sent. If they don't get them then likely their SPAM filters
      are eating them. For some reason known only to SPAM filters they
      will let some posts through and send some to the inbox even though
      they are all from the same yahoogroup.<<<

      We had been thinking about switching it so that no one would get
      their posts via email, but I think we gave up on that idea. I guess
      the fact that people can subscribe without even knowing there is an
      actual forum would make that even more difficult.

      >>>So what I am trying to say is anyone who realizes they are not
      getting all of their e-mail should check in whatever file their SPAM
      filter deposits things it thinks are SPAM.<<<<

      Or even better... come sign in to the forum where you can gain
      access to a number of resources.

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