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  • imdarkchylde
    Nov 13, 2006
      I just felt it to be a moment of 'gnosis' as I didn't just hear about
      from a second party, or read it, I KNEW the connection I had to the
      ALL, the Unmainifest. It wasn't due to visualization (although I
      think that to be a usefull and necessary tool in meditation) albeit
      it may have been triggered by my contemplations on the Epinoia. I
      came back with that 'water splashed in the face feeling' and it left
      me irrevocably changed. If I had never experienced it, I would
      probably still believe as I do now, but I wouldn't KNOW. It is one
      thing to read about it, contemplate it, talk about it, but it quite
      another to experience it.
      You know?
      Whirled and inner peas

      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, pmcvflag <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Darkchylde
      > >>>My momnet I believe I had of gnosis, which had a transforming
      > effect on my life (which was in a serious downward spiral at the
      > time) was just a time sitting with a cat on my lap and
      > what was it was that distinquished life inside matter, the Epinoia
      > (although I didn't actually learn that term till later, I was
      > thru the Gospel of Thomas and the Apoch. of John then)I was trying
      > see the iife in the crude matter and for just a moment, I saw
      > something, hard to describe, but like a light was in the eyes of
      > cat, and this same light seemed to eminate from the plants in the
      > window, and seemed to even float by in the very air in thin
      > and at that moment I felt an awareness, for lack of a better word,
      > myself, the cat, the recliner, the room, the outside ground, it
      > on and on and I was truly connected to everything and everone and I
      > was aware of molecules and stars all at the some moment. Everything
      > seemed an amazing dance of precision and chaos, of dark and light
      > intwined, and of a supernal light which dimmed the ilght of stars
      > sun and which existed in ever radiating streams and I craved this
      > light, I think, before I was back in the chair with a cat giving me
      > weird look.<<<
      > What you are calling "Gnosis" here, I would more generally refer to
      > as a specific type of "mystical experience". There can be no doubt
      > that a form of meditation generally is used to gain this
      > and it is transformative. Gnostic texts do describe visionary
      > experiences like this one as part of the process toward Gnosis.
      > PMCV
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