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  • pmcvflag
    Nov 13, 2006

      >>>My momnet I believe I had of gnosis, which had a transforming
      effect on my life (which was in a serious downward spiral at the
      time) was just a time sitting with a cat on my lap and contemplating
      what was it was that distinquished life inside matter, the Epinoia
      (although I didn't actually learn that term till later, I was barely
      thru the Gospel of Thomas and the Apoch. of John then)I was trying to
      see the iife in the crude matter and for just a moment, I saw
      something, hard to describe, but like a light was in the eyes of the
      cat, and this same light seemed to eminate from the plants in the
      window, and seemed to even float by in the very air in thin streams,
      and at that moment I felt an awareness, for lack of a better word, of
      myself, the cat, the recliner, the room, the outside ground, it went
      on and on and I was truly connected to everything and everone and I
      was aware of molecules and stars all at the some moment. Everything
      seemed an amazing dance of precision and chaos, of dark and light all
      intwined, and of a supernal light which dimmed the ilght of stars and
      sun and which existed in ever radiating streams and I craved this
      light, I think, before I was back in the chair with a cat giving me a
      weird look.<<<

      What you are calling "Gnosis" here, I would more generally refer to
      as a specific type of "mystical experience". There can be no doubt
      that a form of meditation generally is used to gain this experience,
      and it is transformative. Gnostic texts do describe visionary
      experiences like this one as part of the process toward Gnosis.

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