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12850Re: A Question for the gruop...

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  • pmcvflag
    Nov 9, 2006
      Hey Scott

      You state....

      >>>What pray is a "gruop"?<<<

      *lol* Well, a "gruop" appears to be a typo for "group"... as in this
      forum (the gathering of people posting on the message board that you
      are now presenting your own ideas on)

      >>>Stop postponing your enlightenment. Stop putting off your sudden

      In order to give such advice you would have to assume that the
      person you are talking to has indeed put it off or not attained it.
      That would be rather presumptuous.

      In any event, "Gnosis" in the traditional sense isn't the same thing
      as "enlightenment" in the modern sense. What we are talking about
      isn't necessarily identical. With that in mind, can you clarify for
      us whether you feel your notion of "Gnosis" is the same as that
      presented in the traditional Gnostic texts? It could be important
      considering the fact that you are talking to a group that uses a
      very specific lingo.

      >>>Stop talking about.<<<

      This is a forum. That means by definition we are here to talk. You,
      in fact, just talked about it as well.

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